Did you know?

Conifers provide urban forests many benefits

Trees dressed in tinsel, ornaments and lights are common in households around the world over the holiday season. While conifers are known for decorating homes over holidays there are many other benefits they provide as urban trees in yards and along streets. ISA released an article regarding these benefits. Continue reading “Conifers provide urban forests many benefits”

Consider contract growing this year

Contract growing affords opportunities and benefits for both the nursery and the municipality – species, quantity, quality and diversity – one stop shopping.

Contract growing is a practice whereby municipalities work with nurseries to create a long-term relationship for growing a desired species of tree to very exact standards. As the name implies, a contract is put in place between municipalities and individual nurseries to ensure, in advance, a certain quality, quantity and type of tree will be grown specifically for the municipality. Continue reading “Consider contract growing this year”

Date changed for urban landowner survey

Wisconsin DNR is collaborating with the USDA Forest Service to pilot an urban form of the National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS), to better understand the people who own and manage our urban forests. The survey is paired with the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program, in which data is collected on our urban trees and forest.

The date for the mailing of the Wisconsin Urban Landowner Survey has been changed. The survey will now be mailed Monday, January 9th. This change was made to ensure a viable response rate and avoid conflict with the holiday and hunting seasons. Continue reading “Date changed for urban landowner survey”

Visit new urban forest website

U.S. Forest Service launches new Urban and Community Forest and National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council websites. The sites have been migrated to the Forest Service’s new, modernized web platform, and the information has been streamlined and updated to reflect our community’s contemporary priorities.  We are featuring our partnerships in the slideshow on the main UCF page, including the innovative collaboration and coordination happening with SUFC.  We plan to update our slideshow quarterly.  If you would like the page to feature your partnership, please email Lauren Marshall.