Month: February 2017

Collecting your local Arbor Day stories

Arbor Day has a long tradition in Wisconsin. This historic holiday has been celebrated in Wisconsin since 1883, and continues to be celebrated here and around the world. Many communities combine their Arbor Day celebrations with Tree City USA anniversaries and related achievements. Tree City USA, a program through the Arbor Day Foundation, acknowledges the commitment of a community to its urban trees. In addition to Tree City USA materials to help create a local celebration, Wisconsin DNR Division of Forestry offers materials, games, activities, facts and more to support your community in planning the perfect Arbor Day celebration. Arbor Day is an important part of Wisconsin’s history and has always been celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. Continue reading “Collecting your local Arbor Day stories”

Spread the love: how to help your urban forests

Trees are vitally important to cities, villages and towns. Like electricity and water, an urban tree canopy is part of a community’s infrastructure, providing valuable environmental, economic and social benefits. Well-managed urban forests pay back  nearly three times the cost to plant and maintain them. Continue reading “Spread the love: how to help your urban forests”

Make sure you are prepared for EAB

Recently, Iowa DNR conducted a survey of its community foresters to understand preparedness for ash mortality from EAB in their communities. EAB continues its spread, not just throughout Wisconsin, but other states, such as Iowa, as well. This survey displays some interesting data. Seemingly, despite the continued spread and the many cases studies on the effects of EAB in communities, no communities surveyed contain private land owners that are prepared for the increased ash mortality. View the survey to see other results and barriers to EAB preparedness. If you have any questions about EAB and how to prepare in your community contact your local Urban Forestry Coordinator.


For more information contact Ellen Clark (, Urban Forestry Communication Specialist, at 608-267-2774.

CTMI graduate workshop, young tree pruning

This fall Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry program hosted the inaugural Wisconsin Community Tree Management Institute (WCTMI) graduate workshop. It was held over two days in mid-October at the Green Lake Conference Center. The workshop included presentations and mini-workshops on many topics. One of the topics was young tree pruning. Continue reading “CTMI graduate workshop, young tree pruning”

Accepting applicants for urban positions

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry has two Limited Term Employment (LTE) positions open for applications.  One position is an Urban Forest Assessment Outreach Specialist with the Urban Forestry team and the other is an Urban Forest Inventory Specialist with the Forest Products Services team.  Each of these positions is a half-time appointment, and both are stationed out of Central Office in downtown Madison. Continue reading “Accepting applicants for urban positions”