Month: March 2017

Finding bird friendly trees

If you are looking for bird friendly trees and shrubs a database has been created that can help. The Audubon Native Plants Database allows you to enter a zip code and get a list of bird friendly native plants. You can filter based on plant type and what type of bird the plant attracts. The database also shows what kind of birds favor particular plants.


For more information contact Ellen Clark (, Urban Forestry Communication Specialist, at 608-267-2774.


Are gravel beds right for your community?

Gravel beds, a way of holding bare root trees and extending the bare root planting season, have been growing in popularity, especially in the Midwest. Several municipalities and other organizations throughout Wisconsin have been utilizing gravel beds to plant more trees on tight budgets, diversify plantings, decrease labor and ensure sound, healthy root systems. Hudson and Racine are wonderful examples of the success of gravel beds. Continue reading “Are gravel beds right for your community?”

Innovative nurseries increase species selection

“Plant a tree to thrive, not to simply survive.” Dan Traas, Ranger Service, echoes the sentiment of most arborists and urban foresters’. There are numerous crucial steps in the tree planting process, location, soil type and temperature must all be considered. However, the species of tree chosen may be the utmost central consideration. Continue reading “Innovative nurseries increase species selection”