What makes a good Urban Forestry grant application & project?

Have you ever thought about applying for an urban forestry grant or have applied in the past but haven’t been successful in receiving one? Here are some steps on preparing a competitive urban forestry grant application:

  1. Is what you are proposing the next logical step in your community/county/tribal or non-profits urban forestry programs development? Call your regional coordinator to discuss.
  2. Look at previously funded projects through this program (2017 Urban Forestry Grant Recipients).
  3. Investigate the grant funding priorities & goals used to rank the application, they are listed in the front of the Application Guide, do they align with the project you propose?
  4. Review the Application Guide prior to beginning the application process, this guide addresses:
    1. Dates for the entire grant process
    2. Eligible & ineligible project components
    3. Explanation of the Startup grant
    4. Commonly asked questions and answers
    5. Glossary of terms
    6. Listing of fully and partially eligible equipment and supply costs.
  5. Understand that the Regular and Startup Grant Application use the same form.
  6. Do you have appropriate staff/volunteers responsible to complete each project component?
  7. Provide clear, concise, background information and answers to all project related questions. Submit supporting materials but, do not provide superfluous content it will detract from the ranking. Be able to answer:
    1. What do you want to perform?
    2. What are the benefits going to be from this project?
    3. What is your timeline for the project, is it a realistic timeline?
    4. What audience(s) will benefit from this project?
    5. Will you be hiring someone to complete portions of the project, if so do you have current, accurate quotes for completing the applications Cost Estimate Worksheet?
  8. If working with Partners, establish that partnership ahead of time and work out any issues between partners before submitting application.
    1. Fill out partnership form
  9. Start resolution process early as it must be submitted at or prior to application deadline.
  10. Understand that not more than 50% of the projects reimbursable costs (labor, equipment, supplies etc.) may be donated.
  11. Understand that except for non-profits, this is a reimbursement program where the grantee provides all costs up front and is paid at the successful completion of all project components, only one payment is made.

The Urban Forestry Grant Application deadline is 11:59 p.m. on October 1, 2017! Applications are now being accepted so check out the Urban Forestry Grant Webpage and don’t delay in contacting your urban forestry coordinator to discuss your project proposal!


For more information contact Alex Elias (Alexandria.Elias@Wisconsin.gov), Urban Forestry Grants Manager.

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