Eau Claire And Richland Counties Now Added To The Gypsy Moth Quarantine

By Andrea Diss Torrance, Invasive Insects Program Coordinator, andrea.disstorrance@wisconsin.gov, 608-516-2223

Gypsy moth has moved slowly across Wisconsin in the last 30 years since gaining a foothold in the counties along Lake Michigan. This month, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) determined that the invasive pest has become established in Eau Claire and Richland counties and have extended the quarantined area to include them.  This is the first time since 2015 that new counties have been added to the quarantine. Fifty-two of Wisconsin’s 72 counties are now quarantined for gypsy moth.

Wisconsin Gypsy Moth Quarantined Counties

The quarantine regulates the movement of items from quarantined (red on map) to non-quarantined (white) areas that are likely to harbor gypsy moth life stages, including eggs.  These items include logs, nursery stock, firewood, Christmas trees and outdoor household articles.  For more information on the quarantine for businesses and the general public, go to DATCP’s pages on gypsy moth quarantine and regulations

The quarantine has the greatest impact on plant nurseries, Christmas tree growers and lumber mills because of movement restrictions and inspection requirements. Logs and nursery stock must be certified free of gypsy moth before they can be transported into non-quarantined counties or states.  The DATCP staff work with businesses to help them achieve the requirements of the quarantine at a minimal cost.   

Firewood can harbor gypsy moth caterpillars, pupae or egg masses and may not be moved across the border from quarantined to non-quarantined counties. Plan ahead and obtain firewood at your destination. Nearly all state campgrounds have firewood for sale at or near the campground.

You can use the Firewood Scout website to find a nearby source of firewood.  

For more information on where to obtain firewood, visit the DNR webpage here.

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