Urban Forestry News

Menomonie re-uses ash trees

Every year, Urban Forestry grants provide assistance to communities throughout Wisconsin, and can be awarded to cities, villages, towns, counties, tribes and nonprofit organizations. This year, the city of Menomonie received a $9,000 grant to help pre-emptively remove ash trees in the city parks to prevent the spread of emerald ash borer, a pest spreading throughout Wisconsin. Thirty trees will be removed and replaced with hackberry, honeylocust, Kentucky coffeetree, swamp white oak, Redmond linden and Princeton elm. Continue reading “Menomonie re-uses ash trees”

Wisconsin celebrates Arbor Day

   Breathe in… breathe out. The clear air that fills your lungs has been purified by trees. Clean air is one of the many ecological, economic and social benefits trees provide us. Trees also reduce crime rate, increase property values, reduce heating and cooling costs, increase tests scores, beautify communities, and provide lumber by-products. In late April, people around the world, both old and young, took time to celebrate these and other benefits by participating in Arbor Day celebrations. Continue reading “Wisconsin celebrates Arbor Day”

Consider viewing the WAA job board

The Wisconsin Arborist Association recently created a job board, hosted on their website, to connect businesses and potential employees. These posts showcase available arboriculture positions in Wisconsin listed by region, company name, and are also grouped alphabetically. This webpage provides the opportunity for individuals to search for jobs as well as giving companies a venue for posting openings in their businesses. Continue reading “Consider viewing the WAA job board”

Trees help clean the air

A recently published report from The Nature Conservancy titled “Planting Healthy Air,” detailed which cities could benefit most from tree plantings, focusing on the benefit they could gain from the heat and PM (particle matter) reduction credited to tree plantings. This report found that investing $4 per resident in these cities for tree planting could improve the health of millions, further showcasing trees as a cost-effective solution for air pollution and heat islands, among many other urban difficulties. Continue reading “Trees help clean the air”

Prepare now – gypsy moth caterpillars return

Gypsy moth caterpillar with distinctive blue and red dots

Gypsy moth caterpillar with distinctive blue and red dots

This June, gypsy moth populations may rise to damaging levels in parts of Wisconsin. High numbers of gypsy moth caterpillars are a tremendous nuisance and can strip trees of their leaves. Combined with other stresses, such as drought or attacks by additional tree pests, this may kill the tree. The insect’s favorite food is oak leaves, but it will feed on many other tree species such as aspen, birch, crabapple and willow. You can take action to reduce the number of caterpillars that will feed on your trees, including placing sticky barrier bands on the susceptible tree species. Continue reading “Prepare now – gypsy moth caterpillars return”

Emerald ash borer new locations in Wisconsin

EAB quarantine map. Counties shaded in tan are quarantined for EAB, and include much of the southern half of Wisconsin, as well as other counties. Areas shaded in green are the townships and municipalities where EAB has actually been identified, and shows that not all counties that are quarantined are fully infested.

EAB quarantine map. Counties shaded in tan are quarantined for EAB, green areas are townships and municipalities where EAB has actually been identified.

Emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) continues to be found in new areas. Wisconsin continues to track EAB at the municipality or township level; quarantine counties are shown in tan and infested areas are shown in green on the map.

If you know you have EAB, please contact us with that information so we can verify the infestation and update the maps. If your area:

  • is not shaded in green on the map please contact DNR or
  • is not shaded at all on the map please contact DATCP.

You can reach both agencies from the menu options when you call 1-800-462-2803.

New county quarantines

  • none

New finds in counties already quarantined

  • Brown County — village of Bellevue
  • Door County — village of Egg Harbor
  • Fond du Lac County — village of Rosendale and town of Springvale
  • Vernon County — town of Franklin

Written by: Linda Williams, forest health specialist, Green Bay, (Linda.Williams@wisconsin.gov), 920-662-5172.