Transline® herbicide trial begins

In keeping with the Reforestation Program’s mission of providing pertinent information to forestry professionals, we began a new herbicide field trial with Transline® (clopyralid). Many foresters and landowners are interested in applying herbicides after a site has been planted to inhibit weed competition. However, in the case of Transline®, not all species are referenced on the label. In addition, the varying rates prescribed may impact species differently. All of this can create a challenge for a forester or landowner when managing competition within the planting. Reforestation staff established a survey and data recording structure to produce the best analysis opportunities and answer these questions.

In mid-May, staff organized and planted more than 4,000 tree and shrub seedlings produced at the state nurseries. After allowing them to establish and grow for a few months, we sprayed the three replications with four different rates of Transline at the end of July. We recorded seedling reaction to the chemicals two days and two weeks after the spraying and we’ll share the results after they’ve been analyzed.


By Jeremiah Auer,, (715) 424-3700

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