Emerald ash borer trapping by a few northern county forestry departments

Douglas, Oneida, and Sawyer County Forestry Departments will be trapping emerald ash borer on select sites across their properties this year. As needed, the DNR Forest Health Program and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) will provide guidance to county forest departments that are responsible for purchasing, installing and monitoring their EAB purple prism traps.

Any new EAB detections will be tracked at the state level and may be used by forest managers to prioritize stand management based on EAB proximity, and by communities to inform the timing of ash management in community forests.

The abundance of ash forest resources and limited known distribution of EAB in the state’s north spurred interest by these counties to continue trapping.

Written by Paul Cigan, forest health specialist, Hayward (Paul.Cigan@Wisconsin.gov), 715-416-4920.

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