Urban Forestry Economic Contributions Survey

We want to give you a heads-up and urge you to fill out a survey that may be coming your way. 

There is a study underway led by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that is evaluating the economic contributions of the urban forestry sector in the Northeast-Midwest region of the U.S.  This study is the first in the nation to focus specifically on the economic contributions of urban forestry across multiple states. 

A random sample of businesses, non-profits and local governments will receive an invitation to participate in a web survey in late summer.  Look for an email with the subject line The Urban Forestry Economic Contributions Study Invites You to Participate from The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources <noreply@qualtrics-survey.com>.  The questions will ask about your organization’s sales and revenue (or budgets) in 2018.  There will also be questions about the number of full- and part-time employees for that year. 

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and individual responses are kept completely confidential. 

Survey results will inform regional and state-specific reports.  We urge to you (or someone at your organization) to complete the survey if you receive an invitation to participate.  This study, and its reports, will benefit the field of urban forestry and those who do any sort of work in this sector.  Thank you in advance for your time and participation!

For more information, please contact Olivia Witthun, 414-750-8744 or Olivia.Witthun@wisconsin.gov.

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