Preliminary Seedling Availability: Spring 2022

Proper tree planting requires a lot of decision-making. One of those decisions is which species and age are the most appropriate and cost-effective to plant. The Wisconsin Reforestation Program would like to take some of the unknowns out of that process by giving landowners and property managers an early peek at what we anticipate having available in fall 2021 for planting in spring 2022.

This list is preliminary, as some species may be added or subtracted depending on health, growth and other factors as the growing season progresses. Tree and shrub seedlings will be available to purchase on the first Monday of October (Oct. 4, 2021). Even with the expected high demand, we anticipate having various species and ages available to all customers.

The quantity designations are relative to a particular species based on historical sales and projected demand. For example, typically white pine 3-0 sales are about 250,000 seedlings. In 2022, the available quantity, due to several factors, including increased demand in 2021 for 2-year-old seedlings and a lower than anticipated seed germination in 2020, is approximately 75% of the anticipated need. Hence the quantity will be referred to as “limited.” In contrast, our balsam fir had an above-average germination, are growing great and the inventory is above the projected sales, hence an “adequate” quantity designation.

 Species / Quantity
Cedar, White 3-0 / Adequate
Fir, Balsam 3-0 / Adequate
Hemlock, Eastern / Adequate
Pine, Jack 1-0 / Adequate
Pine, Jack 2-0 / Adequate
Pine, Red 2-0 / Adequate
Pine, Red 3-0 / Very limited
Pine, White 2-0 / Adequate
Pine, White 3-0 / Limited
Spruce, Black 2-0 / Adequate
Spruce, Black 3-0 / Adequate
Spruce, White 2-0 / Limited
Spruce, White 3-0 / Very limited
Tamarack  /Adequate

Aspen / Very limited
Basswood / Adequate
Birch, River 1-0 / Adequate
Birch, White 1-0 / Limited
Birch, Yellow 2-0 / Not available in 2022
Butternut / Limited
Cherry, Black 1-0 / Very limited
Cherry, Black 2-0 / Not available in 2022
Hackberry 2-0 / Limited
Hickory, Bitternut 2-0 / Adequate
Hickory, Shagbark 2-0 / Not available in 2022
Maple, Red 2-0 / Very limited
Maple, Silver 1-0 / Very limited
Maple, Sugar 2-0 / Limited
Maple, Sugar 3-0 / Not available in 2022
Oak, Bur 1-0 / Very limited
Oak, Bur 2-0 / Very limited
Oak, Red 1-0 / Adequate
Oak, Red 2-0 / Adequate
Oak, Swamp white 1-0 / Very limited
Oak, Swamp Oak 2-0 / Not available in 2022
Oak, White 2-0 / Very limited
Sycamore 1-0 / Limited
Walnut, Black / Adequate

Buttonbush / Adequate
Cherry, Choke / Very limited
Crabapple, Prairie / Not available in 2022
Cranberry, Highbush / Limited
Dogwood, Grey / Adequate
Dogwood, Red-osier / Limited
Dogwood, Silky / Adequate
Elderberry / Limited
Hawthorn, Cockspur / Limited
Juneberry (Serviceberry) / Limited
Hazelnut / Limited
Ninebark / Adequate
Plum, Wild / Adequate
Winterberry, Common / Limited

Something to note: The inventory of all white oak species; bur, white and swamp white; are quite limited due to a late, hard frost in May 2020. This frost coincided with the oak’s flowering period and killed almost all oak flowers in the Upper Midwest. Native trees and shrubs are not like our commercial agriculture species; they produce seeds as best they can in the natural conditions they find themselves in. It doesn’t always work out, and subsequently, seed availability to wildlife and us is impacted.

If a planting project includes species not found on the above list, it is always possible to purchase seedlings from any private nurseries located throughout the state. For a listing of these nurseries, visit this DNR webpage.

More updates will follow as the first Monday in October approaches. For questions regarding tree seedling availability or reforestation, please contact the reforestation program staff.

Griffith Nursery: 715-424-3700
Hayward Nursery: 715-492-1204
Wilson Nursery: 608-375-4123

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