Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council Welcomes New Members; Says Goodbye To Others

The DNR’s Division of Forestry recently welcomed three new members to the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council and said farewell to several members who contributed much to the council.

The Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council is an advisory committee to the DNR’s Division of Forestry, guiding the best ways to preserve, protect, expand and improve Wisconsin’s urban and community forest resources. The council is comprised of 23 people appointed by the Secretary of the DNR. Members represent the diverse groups and interests that impact our state’s urban and community forests, including representatives from professional organizations, private business owners, educators, green industry employees, nonprofit/service organizations, governmental agencies, municipalities of various sizes, utilities, concerned and active citizens and trade organizations throughout the state.

The council addresses strategies to help the DNR implement, monitor and revise the state’s urban forestry initiatives and to lend support to activities that further the understanding, appreciation and practice of urban forestry in Wisconsin. Members strive to aid all those involved in urban forestry matters and to help coordinate activities to avoid duplication, inefficiency and conflict. The council also addresses various local, state and national issues affecting Wisconsin’s urban forests.

The three new members include Michael Lawrenz, representing the Wisconsin Arborist Association; Paul Morrison, representing the Urban Wood Network; and Robin Powers, representing the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

The council also said goodbye to several members: Michael Bablick, Shirley Brabender Mattox, Keith Hardie, Sarah Repp and Alex Timmer. All these members provided valuable advice and insights into a variety of issues facing Wisconsin’s urban and community forests, and their contributions are much appreciated.

To learn more about the Urban Forestry Council, visit the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council webpage or contact Urban Forestry Coordinator Tracy Salisbury.

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