MFL Certified Group Pesticide Reporting Reminder

A worker rinses pesticide from a measuring cup

All owners of certified MFL Lands are required to report their pesticide usage each year. Photo Credit: / Wisconsin DNR

As a Certified Group, we aim for 100% pesticide reporting on certified MFL Lands.

Recent articles have described the pesticide reporting requirements for forest certification. As we approach the end of the year, this is a reminder to submit your report if any pesticides have been applied on your certified MFL property in the past year.

Certified MFL landowners are encouraged to report pesticides soon after they are applied, or on an annual calendar year basis. You can use this worksheet to track pesticide applications to facilitate reporting.

Thank you to everyone for submitting their pesticide report(s).

We are working to improve the reporting form to accommodate multiple pesticides in one report. However, in the meantime please submit a separate report for each pesticide used during a calendar year.

You can submit your pesticide reports online.

If you have questions about pesticide reporting, please contact DNR MFL Forest Certification.

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