Subscriber Survey Coming To Your Email

Icon of a survey under the DNR Forestry News banner

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources soon will launch an email survey of Forest Health News subscribers. / Graphic Credit: Wisconsin DNR

By Art Kabelowsky, DNR Forest Health Outreach and Communications, Fitchburg Service Center; or 608-335-0167

Every five years or so, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)’s Forest Health Team surveys the readership of the Forest Health News to gain insight into the types of articles our readers find most valuable and interesting.

The next survey should arrive in your email folders within the next few weeks.

The survey asks a series of general questions to gain basic demographical information about readership and then asks respondents to tell us which types of articles and topics they find most valuable, important and interesting.

While the Forest Health News will always provide information on the latest important events and emerging issues and trends involving forest health, your answers will help staff develop additional articles that will entertain and educate readers by addressing the areas of their highest interest.

When the survey is ready to distribute, an email will come to the same folder that brings you the monthly Forest Health News.

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