Tune In For The Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series

The USDA Forest Service National Urban Forest Technology and Science Delivery Team presents the Urban Forest Connections webinar series on the second Wednesday of each month. These online sessions create a stage for experts to share the latest science, practice and policy on urban and community forestry.

Topics include issues affecting the health of people and the health of the trees and forests that communities depend on to moderate local climate extremes and provide food, shelter, water, wildlife habitat, environmental justice, artistic expression and spiritual healing.

Tune in to the next webinar in the series on Feb. 14 from 12-1:15 p.m. titled “Mapping and Monitoring Tree Health Across Diverse Landscapes.” New technology is improving our ability to detect and address issues early enough to protect forests and people from increased tree mortality and losses in ecosystem services.

This webinar will explore the challenges that plague trees and forests and the data, technology and systems available to protect them across diverse landscapes, from wildlands to city centers. Speakers will introduce advanced models and remote technologies that systematically map forest conditions and support strategic planning and targeted actions to manage and protect the trees and forests where we live. Participants can ask questions and identify the data sources and technologies available to help them achieve and sustain their local tree canopy goals.

Visit the Urban Forest Connections website to access this and future webinars. Recently recorded webinars are also available.

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