MFL Certified Group Acknowledgements

One of the most significant advantages of the MFL Certified Group is its accessibility to forest certification for participating “Group Members.” Many of the certification requirements are covered through how the MFL program is implemented and administered. For example, the two most common paths for landowners to enter the MFL Certified Group are the MFL application and the MFL transfer form. Both paths require prospective Group Members to acknowledge and accept the American Tree Farm System® and Forest Stewardship Council® standards and the MFL Certified Group rules.

To improve the efficiency of MFL Certified Group administration and respond to updated forest certification standards, including more explicit Group Member acceptance of forest certification requirements, the acknowledgment and consent requirements for Group Members have been consolidated to a new MFL Certified Group Acknowledgement website. The items and information presented in the MFL Certified Group Acknowledgement are not new but are now explicitly identified and presented in a single location, so prospective Group Members are informed of their expectations.

Shortly, the Acknowledgement will be referenced in the group application form, MFL application and MFL transfer form. We also encourage existing Group Members to review the MFL Certified Group Acknowledgement for a refresher on the requirements of the MFL Certified Group.

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