Celebrate Arbor Day Using Social Media (See Our Suggested Posts Below)

For the last few years, our urban forestry team has been writing social media posts for Wisconsin communities to post during Arbor Week. We encourage you to use social media to celebrate the many benefits of trees and inform the public about the importance of tree care.

Feel free to use the suggested messages provided below or develop your own create tree campaign.

Message #1: [Name of community] is proud to celebrate [x] years as a Tree City USA! We’re committed to investing in our trees, maintaining them to the highest standards, and celebrating their benefits with the public. Learn more about the Tree City USA program on the Arbor Day Foundation website: https://www.arborday.org/programs/treecityusa/.

If you have a photo from a past Arbor Day celebration, please include it here.

Message #2: Give your trees some love this Arbor Day! The Tree Owner’s Manual by the U.S. Forest  Service has great tips for keeping your trees healthy: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5368392.pdf.

And if your tree needs some expert care, hiring a certified arborist is the way to go. Find a certified arborist with the ISA Certified Arborists Database: https://www.treesaregood.org/findanarborist/findanarborist.

Message #3: Planting a tree this Arbor Day? Make sure you plant it correctly to set it up for a long, healthy life. There’s more to it than ‘green side up’! Videos on a webpage by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will teach you what to do: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/urbanforests/treeplantingresources


Message #4: If you’re planting a tree this Arbor Day, make it count as part of Wisconsin’s pledge towards the Trillion Trees Initiative. The pledge is aimed at growing more healthy forests to combat climate change.

The goal includes planting 1 million urban trees by 2030. Submit your information through an easy-to-use survey, which takes only minutes to complete: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/fb67e4fc539c404cbbf920e7bdee2557. By participating in the survey and marking your planting sites on a map, your trees will be counted!


Message #5: Arbor Day is April 26th! Do you have a favorite tree in [name of community]? Post a photo and tell us why you like it.


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