10 Easy Ways To Engage Your Community In Urban Forestry

  1. Partner with community groups such as 4-H, Scouts, rotary clubs and neighborhood associations to plant and care for trees.
  2. Set up informational tables at community events and farmers markets to recruit volunteers, educate residents and conduct surveys.
  3. Host workshops to teach community members about urban forestry and tree care.
  4. Post resources or hold a Q&A on social media.
  5. Conduct surveys to determine which tree species residents would like to see in their community.
  6. Cohost events with other departments or organizations with similar goals.
  7. Connect with environmental science classes in your school district to provide hands-on education activities.
  8. Post educational signs with QR codes that link to more information where urban forestry work is being done.
  9. Knock on residents’ doors to explain in person or with a flyer what you will be doing before starting tree work in the vicinity of their homes.
  10. For even more ideas, watch the Arbor Day Foundation’s recorded webinar, “How to Collaborate and Engage More Equitably in Your Tree City.”

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