DNR Urban Forestry Coordinator Tracy Salisbury Retires

Congratulations to Tracy Salisbury, who began her retirement in May. Tracy has been with the DNR as an urban forestry coordinator in northeast Wisconsin since 1998.

“I enjoyed working with a variety of customers in my service area for the past 26 years,” Tracy said. “I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Green Bay Packers, American Transmission Company, Rotary Clubs and others on various projects. It was never a dull moment in the division’s urban forestry program!”

Urban forestry team leader Jeff Roe added, “Tracy has always been a joy to work with and to supervise. She was always team and staff-oriented and loved to celebrate everyone’s successes. She always kept us smiling.”

Her first job out of graduate school was to manage the oak wilt program in the town/county of Menominee in 1994 — a position funded by a DNR urban forestry grant. In this role, she had the opportunity to work with Peter-Jon Rudquist, the DNR urban forestry coordinator at the time. Her career came full circle when she accepted the position as the Northeast coordinator in 1998.

She shared this parting thought: “A huge shout out to the urban forestry team! You guys are the best! Thank you for making the past 26 years so much fun! Remember to laugh, smile and let your inner rebel shine.”

DNR urban forestry coordinator Patricia Lindquist is currently covering northeast Wisconsin. You can reach her at Patricia.Lindquist@wisconsin.gov or 715-574-1314.

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