Welcome to the new Forest Health News

The DNR Forest Health Program has transitioned to a new online newsletter format. You will no longer receive Pest Updates and Regional Forest Health Newsletters directly from DNR Forest Health Specialists. Instead, if you are subscribed to Forest Health News you will receive an email, typically once per month, when new information is posted by the Forest Health Program on this new Wisconsin DNR Forestry News site. You can also access the articles directly anytime.

If you haven’t already, consider subscribing and please take a moment now to include widnr@service.govdelivery.com in your email address book, so the emails avoid your spam box.

Monthly emails will have Forest Health articles organized by:

  • Information that is relevant statewide and
  • Information specific to certain parts of the state.

The Forest Health News zones have changed too, so check out which counties each zone covers.

Using the emails to link to articles
You have several options for getting to information you want to read:

1. Although subscribers to previous Forest Pest Updates and Forest Health Regional Newsletters are used to having statewide articles included in each region’s (or zone’s) news, the articles of statewide relevance are in their own group now. In the email there are links for:

  • articles of statewide relevance and
  • articles relevant to a particular area of the state.

For a full forest health update for a particular zone, be sure to read the separate statewide articles too.

2. Click any article title to read the individual article under any of the headings in the email.

3. Click on “Read all forest health news articles” at the bottom of the email to read all of the Forest Health News articles posted online in chronological order.

Using this Wisconsin DNR Forestry News site directly to find articles
You can search for and filter the information you want to see in many ways by using the tools in the menu bar on the right side of this page as well. Details and instructions are in the “About” tab up above.

We will want feedback on how this new format works for you and will send a survey to subscribers later this year. You can also contact your Forest Health Specialist with feedback. We hope you enjoy the new Forest Health News updates.

Written by: Colleen Robinson, forest health educator (Colleen.Robinson@Wisconsin.gov), 608-266-2172

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