Urban Wood Network launches website

Urban Wood Network logoThe Urban Wood Network, a multi-state collaborative project that is promoting full-circle urban forest management, recently announced its new website.  Many felled urban trees are viewed as waste. The Urban Wood Network aims to show that every part of the tree, from seed to sawdust, can be put to its best use, if properly managed.

The network was originally formed to build regional and national awareness of the urban wood market by bringing together urban wood efforts in the four partner states and beyond, providing leadership and sharing information; strengthen the urban wood supply chain within Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin with the goal of increasing the amount of urban wood that can be reclaimed, processed and sold; and build a common understanding, language, commitment, and eventually brand for the urban wood marketplace.

The new website will serve as an industry resource for those interested in adding urban wood to their existing business model, starting a new company dedicated to urban wood, joining a statewide network for urban wood providers, or starting a new network in their state. One of these resources is a page about the benefits urban wood can provide for businesses, of which there are numerous. To learn more about the network visit their brand new, easy-to-navigate website.

For more information contact Ellen Clark (EllenA.Clark@Wisconsin.gov), Urban Forestry Communication Specialist, at 608-267-2774.

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