Providing affordable trees to homeowners in Cambridge

Jay Weiss created the Cambridge Tree Project to supply affordable and interesting trees and shrubs to homeowners to help fund landscaping in Cambridge and Rockdale schools, street and parks. The program was founded over ten years ago with a couple of simple goals: (1) add 1,000 living trees to Cambridge Village forest by 2020, and (2) increase species diversity of the community forest. Cambridge is working towards these goals by consistently offering a variety of tree species for purchase. The trees are available to anyone, regardless of where they live, but the trees must be purchased at the spring sale.

Last year’s trees that were planted had some major accomplishments. Most of trees were planted in the historic downtown area, where the soil is favorable for good growth. With ample moisture throughout last year, 2017 was the best growth year measured so far. The averages tree’s growth was 30% higher than the ten-year average of 17 inches annually. The remaining dates for the Cambridge Tree Project sales are May 5 and 12.

The more the Village of Cambridge and other communities provide their homeowners with these types of resources and opportunities, the more we can increase tree canopy and the benefits a large canopy can provides: clean air, clean water, and increased property values and tourism to name a few.


For more information contact Ellen Clark, Urban Forestry Communication Specialist, at

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