Plant disease diagnostics in the time of COVID-19

The University of Wisconsin Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic (PDDC) has started to accept a limited number of physical samples.  However, clinic staffing and hours will be limited, and the number of samples that the clinic will be able to accommodate will be severely restricted. Prioritization of the samples currently goes to:

  1. Commercial production food and agriculture-related samples (e.g., vegetables, fruits, field and forage crops)
  2. Commercial/homeowner samples of regulatory importance (e.g., late blight, boxwood blight)
  3. Commercial production, non-food samples (e.g., nursery, greenhouse samples)
  4. Homeowner food samples
  5. Commercial/homeowner non-production, non-food samples (e.g., trees, shrubs, herbaceous ornamentals).

A potential submitter must contact the PDDC using the form on this page, by emailing or by calling (608) 262-2863.  If a homeowner asks you about submitting a tree disease sample to WI PDDC, please convey this information and suggest that they contact the PDDC first. 

The WI DNR Forest Health Lab is closed at this time.

To learn more about the PDDC in the time of COVID-19, please visit this webpage.


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