What does the DNR do to advance urban and community forestry in Wisconsin?

The Urban Forestry Team provides guidance, training, information, funding and professional connection opportunities to municipal foresters and other professionals to achieve sustainable urban forestry management. In a (hickory) nutshell, our work falls into the following five categories:

  • We bring people together. Our role in the urban and community forestry program is that of a convener, bringing together interests and building partnerships to advance urban forestry as practiced by local communities, private sector specialists, and community organizations.
  • We provide funding to Wisconsin communities. Our role is to provide funding to cities, villages, towns, counties, tribes and non-profit organizations in Wisconsin through a competitive grant program. Grants support new and innovative projects that will develop sustainable urban and community forestry programs.

  • We cultivate and facilitate local, state and federal partnerships. Our role is to connect with partners to advocate and work towards sustainable urban forestry. We provide technical assistance to local partners for tree planting initiatives, receive guidance from the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council, collaborate with statewide professional organizations, and work with counterparts from states across the country and with our partners at the US Forest Service to advance urban forestry across the nation.
  • We provide a broad and clear understanding of the status of urban and community forestry in Wisconsin. Our role is to study and report on the condition of Wisconsin’s urban forests. Wisconsin is a national leader in urban forest assessment, gathering information to track the status and trends in urban forest canopy, extent, diversity, growth, mortality, habitat and overall health across the state.
  • We provide training and help educate our partners and those we serve. Our role is to produce more knowledgeable and empowered partners, municipal foresters and citizens by developing resources, sponsoring and designing conferences, and hosting regional professional connection learning opportunities.

Our team is here to support you in your urban forestry efforts. Please reach out to us. Our contact information is located here.



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