Urban wildlife damage abatement/control grants

The Wisconsin DNR is currently accepting applications for Urban Wildlife Damage Abatement and Control (UWDAC) grants. UWDAC grants are available to any town, city, village, county or tribal government located within an urban area (click here for a list of eligible urban areas). Applications must be received on or before December 1st.

UWDAC grants help urban areas develop wildlife plans, implement specific damage abatement and/or control measures for white-tailed deer and/or Canada geese. Eligible projects include:

  • Developing an urban wildlife population control plan.
  • Monitoring wildlife populations and establishing population estimates.

  • Removing deer using sharpshooters as part of a DNR approved project.
  • Trapping deer and geese.
  • Implementing managed hunts.
  • Removing resident Canada geese by approved DNR methods.
  • Performing required health and tissue sampling.
  • Processing, distributing or disposing of geese or deer to a charitable organization.
  • Modifying habitat.
  • Implementing any other wildlife control or damage abatement practices approved by the DNR.

For more information and to apply for a UWDAC grant, please visit https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/aid/UWDAC.html. If you have questions about developing a plan, population monitoring, control methods, etc. please contact Sarah Wyrick at 608-266-2151 or sarah.wyrick@wisconsin.gov.

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