Friend Of Forestry Award 2021: August Hoppe

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Friend of Forestry Recognition program is an opportunity for the Forestry Division to recognize individuals who have worked with us to protect and sustainably manage Wisconsin’s forests.

In 2021, we presented this award to August Hoppe. August is the co-owner of Hoppe Tree Service and his commitment to urban forestry extends to the full range of the field – from workforce development to urban wood utilization and outreach and education through presentations and workshops. Two of our partners, the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council (UFC) and the Wisconsin Arborist Association, have been positively impacted by August’s dedication and hard work on behalf of these entities and to secure a bright future for our urban forests and the people who work in them.

August has served as the chair of the UFC for the past two years and has been involved in Council activities since 2013. Through August’s capable and effective guidance, the UFC has provided important advice on a wide range of issues related to the state’s urban forests. He was instrumental in engaging the UFC in the State Forest Action Plan and providing input in the implementation of the Statewide Forest Strategy. His UFC leadership resulted in the group committing to its own actions towards helping the DNR achieve the Statewide Forest Strategy, with a special focus on the utilization of urban wood, advocacy on behalf of urban forestry issues, urban tree canopy impact on municipal stormwater issues and species diversity of the urban forest.

In addition to his DNR involvement, August has made a deep commitment to the health and sustainability of Wisconsin’s urban forests through his service to the Wisconsin Arborist Association (he served the organization as President, currently serves as the DNR’s liaison to the group and has assisted the WAA in planning and implementing statewide training programs that benefits all of the DNR’s urban forestry partners).

With WAA, August created and coordinated Kid’s Climbing and school-based career service events to encourage children to consider careers in forestry, worked on public outreach events to educate and promote tree care to the general public and strengthened WAA’s partnership with University of Wisconsin-Extension to increase collaboration and cooperation between these two organizations. WAA recently recognized his significant and long-lasting contributions by awarding him the Richard Rideout Distinguished Service Award. He also has been elected to the Tree Care Industry Association’s board of directors, a group providing continuing education, training, conferences and publications to promote the safe and appropriate practice of tree care worldwide.

August embodies the DNR’s Key Results and Cultural Beliefs in his approach to working more effectively through developing partnerships throughout the state and across disciplines to achieve the DNR’s short and long-term goals of protecting and enhancing the natural resources of Wisconsin. He is a leader who represents the very heart of the DNR’s commitment to enhancing our natural resources and life for all Wisconsin citizens.

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