DNR Urban Forestry Welcomes New Interns

The DNR Urban Forestry team is excited to welcome two urban forestry interns to the Milwaukee office for eight weeks this summer. This is the second year of a collaborative program between the department, the USDA Forest Service, Southern University and A&M College, a public historically black land-grant university (HBCU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Get to know our new interns, Deron Isom and Jada Walden, from their bios below.

Deron Isom will be graduating this spring from Southern University and A&M College’s Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Department. He chose urban forestry and natural resources to contribute to the care of the environment. During his time at Southern, he had opportunities to intern with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and partner with the Recreation & Park Commission for East Baton Rouge Parish to produce multiple resource management plans and tree inventory projects. He is currently employed with the USDA at the Honeybee Breeding, Genetics and Physiology Agricultural Research Lab. He is known for his master status as a professional pugilist as well as pursuing a professional boxing career. He is a member of The Society of American Foresters, The Louisiana Forestry Association, Southwest Parks and Recreation Training Institute, and Spartans Boxing Club. He has goals to increase global contributions to sustainable living and spread his knowledge of agriculture.

Jada Walden will be graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in urban forestry from Southern University and A&M College, concentrating on the management and sustainability of natural resources (primarily trees) and the environment, as well as entomology. Jada believes acquiring knowledge of all aspects of forestry can further her understanding of natural resources and can help spark action in other people. She has been a part of the Society of American Foresters chapter at Southern University and A&M College, helping with volunteer events in the community, as well as contributing to department events for education and cohesion. Currently, she is a research lab assistant at the USDA Honeybee Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology Research Laboratory. She is also part of the USDA efforts to recruit more HBCU students, pushing for more exposure and ensuring diversity, equity and equality. In her spare time, she is studying to obtain her ISA Arborist Certification and enjoys being an aunt.

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