DNR Debuts Fact Sheet On Twolined Chestnut Borer

By Art Kabelowsky, DNR Forest Health Outreach and Communications, Fitchburg
Arthur.Kabelowsky@wisconsin.gov or 608-335-0167

The Wisconsin Department of Resources (DNR) has debuted a new Forest Health fact sheet on twolined chestnut borer (Agrilus bilineatus), a native beetle that attacks already weakened oaks in Wisconsin.

Graphic showing the preview of a new DNR fact sheet on twolined chestnut borer.

The preview of a new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources fact sheet on twolined chestnut borer. / Graphic Credit: Wisconsin DNR

The insect is considered a secondary pest and does not attack healthy trees. It thrives on trees already weakened by drought, defoliation, disease, wounding and other issues.

The fact sheet, prepared by Linda Williams, DNR forest health specialist for the Northeast Zone, focuses on the biology, impact, infestation signs and management of the beetle. It includes photos and details that should familiarize readers with the insect.

The debut brings the number of Forest Health fact sheets on forest insects, diseases and other common issues to 20.

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