Wildfire activity increases; DNR ready for the battle

Wisconsin has already had more thanĀ 200 wildfires in 2017 since the snow-cover disappeared with the potential of more before vegetation greens up and the fire danger subsides.

More thanĀ 98 percent of all wildfires in Wisconsin are caused by people. The majority of these fires result from careless burning of debris on the ground in piles or burn barrels. Something as simple as getting a burning permit or being aware of the daily fire danger can prevent a wildfire.

Find out which counties have suspended burning permits and witness real-time fire activity by visiting dnr.wi.gov and enter keyword “fire.” To see the DNR fire control ‘gearing up for fire season,’ visit the DNR homepage and watch the short video of all the efforts it takes protect Wisconsin’s valuable resources.

Read more in this news release or contact Wildfire Prevention Specialist Catherine Koele (catherine.koele@wisconsin.gov), 715-356-5211 x208 (office), 608-219-9075 (cell).

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