Wildfires are on the rise

A campfire spread to nearby dry vegetation and caused a wildfire.

A campfire can quickly become an out of control wildfire if there’s not a cleared area between the campfire and nearby dry vegetation.

Last week 60 wildfires burned 129 acres in DNR Protection Areas;. Half of the fires were caused by debris burning; other minor causes included campfires, equipment, railroad, power line and improper ash disposal. Twelve buildings were threatened by wildfires, but saved by fire suppression actions. Three structures were destroyed. Snow is quickly melting in parts of the state that still have partial snow cover. This time of year there is still a great deal of dead vegetation that dries out quickly and is available fuel for a wildfire. Low relative humidity, warm temps, and gusty winds quickly drive up the fire danger. Stay aware of fire danger and burning restrictions by calling 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876) or check online at dnr.wi.gov, keyword “fire”. Curious about where wildfires are actively burning? Check out our fire activity webpage at dnr.wi.gov, keyword “fire” and click on “View current wildfire activity.”

Firewise Tip: Turkey hunters are reminded to be extra cautious with anything that can start a wildfire when you’re outdoors. Be especially mindful of the weather. A warming or cooking fire on a windy day can quickly become an out of control wildfire.

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