Spring 2019 chainsaw safety training

Routinely, DNR North Central Urban Forestry Coordinator Don Kissinger puts a call out to his networking group regarding chainsaw safety training. This past winter he hit the jackpot and received a great response and a first ever request for an Advanced Training. Thus, two courses occurred this past April (Basic & Advanced).

Both trainings filled to their class capacity of 15 participants. Each student was able to go through the process of assessing, notching and dropping a tree upon completion of the outdoor session procedures. The Basic Training course involved more class time to address Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE’s), proper maintenance of the saw (i.e. filing chain, removing & cleaning air filter) and changing air intake settings for winter and summer use. The Advanced Training course dealt with trickier situations, such as felling against a lean due to an object being in its path and addressing trees hung up on other trees.

Instructor demonstrates chainsaw sharpening technique.

Participant creates notch in tree before felling.

These trainings could not have occurred without the cooperative assistance from both Wood & Oneida Counties. UW-Extension staff received participant registration/payments, procured the lunches and made payment to the instructors.

The actual venues for the courses were in Nepco County Park (near Wisconsin Rapids) and the Town of Newbold public works garage (near Rhinelander). Even though staff from the County and Town were responsible for clean-up at their respective sites, this was still a win for them as they had multiple trees needing removal. In all, we had 13 different community’s staff represented at the two trainings.


Written by Don Kissinger, WI DNR Urban Forestry Coordinator, Don.Kissinger@wisconsin.gov, 715-348-5746

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