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Trees help clean the air

A recently published report from The Nature Conservancy titled “Planting Healthy Air,” detailed which cities could benefit most from tree plantings, focusing on the benefit they could gain from the heat and PM (particle matter) reduction credited to tree plantings. This report found that investing $4 per resident in these cities for tree planting could […]

Protect oak trees by pruning after July, not before

By Don Kissinger, urban forester, 715-348-5746, or Paul Cigan, plant pest and disease specialist, 715-416-4920, Anyone with oak trees in their yards or on forested lands should avoid pruning or cutting them from April through July to protect them from oak wilt.

The evolving landscape of invasive species and their control options in Wisconsin

By Andrea Diss Torrance, invasive insects program coordinator,, 608-516-2223 Many people know that invasive species are a concern in Wisconsin’s natural communities both on land and in water. But fewer people are aware that invasive species are not a new threat and that over time, we have developed strategies to reduce their spread and […]