Wisconsin celebrates Arbor Day

   Breathe in… breathe out. The clear air that fills your lungs has been purified by trees. Clean air is one of the many ecological, economic and social benefits trees provide us. Trees also reduce crime rate, increase property values, reduce heating and cooling costs, increase tests scores, beautify communities, and provide lumber by-products. In late April, people around the world, both old and young, took time to celebrate these and other benefits by participating in Arbor Day celebrations. Continue reading “Wisconsin celebrates Arbor Day”

Urban wood used in local art exhibit

The cabinets in your kitchen, your dining room table, floors in your office, and even the paper you write on are all products made from wood. Usually rural wood is used to make the products, but over the past several years a shift has been made, introducing the use of wood from urban areas to make these, and other, products. For example, urban wood has successfully been used in architecture, creating bowls, staircases, tables and now art. Continue reading “Urban wood used in local art exhibit”

Urban training and events update

Please view our Urban Forestry Training and Events page. This webpage is constantly being updated, but we have recently added some events we would like to let you know about. Various levels of SAWW training will be offered at different locations in the coming months, be sure to pre-register. Additionally, Golden Sands RC&D Council is hosting a workshop on emerald ash borer management. Be sure to check out these and other trainings listed on our page.


For more information contact Ellen Clark (, Urban Forestry Communication Specialist, at 608-267-2774.


DNR will conduct aerial spraying for gypsy moth in Madison, Monona and at Devils Lake State Park

Aerial spraying for gypsy moth is done by a loud, low flying airplane beginning early in the morning.

Spray aircraft used in gypsy moth control.

Residents in the Madison and Baraboo areas can expect a morning or two of loud, low-flying planes this May. The DNR Gypsy Moth Suppression Program will be spraying to control high populations of gypsy moth, an invasive and destructive pest whose caterpillars feed on the leaves of many tree and shrub species. Aerial spraying will occur in the following locations:

  • Cities of Madison and Monona: Three sites in and around Orton Park, Quaker Park, and Acewood/Elvehjem Parks
  • Devils Lake State Park: Day-use area at the south end of the lake, and the day-use area and several campgrounds at the north end of the lake.

Maps of the treatment areas can also be seen at the Wisconsin Cooperative Gypsy Moth Program website. Spraying is currently predicted to occur in mid-May, but actual dates will depend on weather conditions and caterpillar development.

Continue reading “DNR will conduct aerial spraying for gypsy moth in Madison, Monona and at Devils Lake State Park”

Review 2017 WAA annual conference

Recently, the DNR Urban Forestry Program and the Wisconsin Arborist Association (WAA) recently held the annual Wisconsin Urban Forestry Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With the theme “Healthy Benefits to Enriching Your Arboriculture and Urban Forestry Knowledge,” the conference was three full days of exhibits, presentations from experts across the world, and networking events and opportunities. There was record attendance this year, beating out last year’s record of 750. This year, the WAA offered a new Utility Track of presentations that allowed members to learn more about technologies in community forestry and other topics to help those who attended. Continue reading “Review 2017 WAA annual conference”

Collecting your local Arbor Day stories

Arbor Day has a long tradition in Wisconsin. This historic holiday has been celebrated in Wisconsin since 1883, and continues to be celebrated here and around the world. Many communities combine their Arbor Day celebrations with Tree City USA anniversaries and related achievements. Tree City USA, a program through the Arbor Day Foundation, acknowledges the commitment of a community to its urban trees. In addition to Tree City USA materials to help create a local celebration, Wisconsin DNR Division of Forestry offers materials, games, activities, facts and more to support your community in planning the perfect Arbor Day celebration. Arbor Day is an important part of Wisconsin’s history and has always been celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. Continue reading “Collecting your local Arbor Day stories”

DNR attends Partners in Community Forestry Conference

The DNR Urban Forestry program sent Laura Lorentz, UF Policy and Partnership Specialist, and Sara Minkoff, UF Specialist, to the annual Partners in Community Forestry Conference convened by the Arbor Day Foundation. Attending this national conference provided Laura and Sara a unique opportunity to meet other urban forestry professionals representing local, state and federal governments as well as non-profit organizations from  across the country (and one from the UK!) and share ideas and resources with the goal of enhancing urban and community forestry initiatives in Wisconsin. Some of the sessions they attended included topics such as the role of urban forestry in green infrastructure, environmental justice and equity in urban forestry, development and diversification of the urban forestry workforce, the relationship between urban trees and health, and demonstrated uses of urban forest inventory data to make positive impacts on the ground.  Click here to learn more about the Partners in Community Forestry Conference.


For more information contact Ellen Clark (, Urban Forestry Communication Specialist, at 608-267-2774.